Inspiring the New Generation

[Original Research] Gen Z: how do they want to be recruited?

Find out the results of the 2018 edition of our yearly Recruitment original research.

[Survey] Preparing the New Generation for the Future of Work

In partnership with WISE (the World Innovation Summit for Education) and Ipsos, we surveyed 3000 young Europeans (18-25 years old), recruiters and education stakeholders in France, the UK, Spain, Belgium and Germany to better understand the aspirations and perspectives of the new generation on the future of work.

[Case Study] Grenoble INP graduates mentor current students

Find out how Grenoble INP maintains alumni relations by getting more than 250 alumni to mentor current students.

[White Paper] Generation Z is Here: Why it’s Time to Future-Proof Your Careers Service

In this white paper we discuss the central role that Careers Services play in engaging, supporting and equipping this new generation with the right employability skills and opportunities to enter the workplace of tomorrow.

[Case Study] How ICAM helps its final-year students become more professional

Find out how Icam helps its final-year students become more professional through a corporate services department.

[Case Study] Brighton Business School, UK: "JobTeaser has exceeded our expectations"

In 2017, Brighton Business School implemented JobTeaser to help provide an easier way for students to find a range of placement opportunities and create more engagement with the information, advice and guidance that their placement advisors offer. Since implementation, they gained much more than they could have hoped for.