About us

JobTeaser is the European leader for career guidance and the recruitment of young talent. To achieve our goals, we’ve built a unique ecosystem that brings together a range of businesses, as well as schools and universities, around the next generation

Our mission

In 2008, Adrien and Nicolas met across a desk whilst working at a well-known consultancy firm. Before long, they both realised they’d jumped into this first working adventure somewhat by accident, just so it would ‘look good’ on their CV... and not really knowing what their everyday lives would be like!

As a result, JobTeaser was born with one simple goal: guiding young people by helping them get started in the professional world.

That’s why we’ve set ourselves the mission of preparing the new generation to reach their full potential, embrace the future with optimism and make their mark in the world.

10 years on, this world has seen some truly profound changes. Studies predict that 85% of the jobs that will be available in 2030 don't even exist yet. In this context, the new generation needs to be, more than ever, adaptive, proactive and above all, agile

At JobTeaser, we believe that change can present great opportunities, so long as we’re ready to embrace it.

To this new generation, we say:

Embrace change with enthusiasm, approach your future with optimism, leave your mark on the world. We’ll be by your side every step of the way.

We’ve got your back.

The JobTeaser adventure

JobTeaser - About us


Launch of the first version of the JobTeaser.com website: ‘companies on video’

JobTeaser - About us


Launch of the first Career Center by JobTeaser at ESSEC, directly integrated within the school’s Intranet site

JobTeaser - About us


First round of fundraising raises €3 million

JobTeaser - About us


Schools and universities sign up in 10 European countries

JobTeaser - About us


Second round of fundraising raises €15 million

JobTeaser - About us


Third round of fundraising raises €50 million

Our investors

They trust us

JobTeaser in numbers

launch date
€68 million
raised in funding
business clients
schools and universities using Career Center by JobTeaser
4 million
students and graduates

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