July 17, 2018

[Case Study] At Grenoble INP, alumni mentor students

At Grenoble INP, a group of engineering schools in the French city of Grenoble, the career services department has decided to offer a new kind of service to their students. They worked in close partnership with the alumni association and created a mentoring programme where former students help current students with their career and life decisions.

In this mentoring programme, alumni and students choose who they want to work with. Then, they meet regularly, either in person or on video conference tools. They are asked to track their meetings on a website, so that programme performance can be measured.

Using a few different tracking metrics, the Grenoble INP career services department keep experimenting with new events and improvements. After identifying the main roadblocks for students, for example, they’ve set up a Mentorship Week every semester. This way, students can meet with people that may match their needs and questions.

This programme has managed to engage more than 250 mentors, all of the alumni from a Grenoble INP engineering school.

We’ve had the honour of interviewing Françoise Belle-Pérat, an information and communications manager at Grenoble INP, about this programme. She told us a great deal about how the programme was set up, how it keeps improving and what exactly tracking relies on.

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Lexane Sirac
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