September 18, 2018

Our tips to start the new term successfully

Are your students due back soon, or perhaps they’re already on campus? The start of a new academic year is the perfect opportunity to communicate with your students about what your careers service can do for them, so long as you don’t drown them in information too quickly.

Organising a presentation for the new school year

Organising a presentation for no longer than half an hour is a great way to cover the most important information for the coming year. Don’t forget that students, particularly first-year students, will have information coming at them from every angle in those first few weeks, so whilst the start of the new academic year is a useful time for sharing vital pieces of information, there’s little point giving extensive presentations only for them not to retain a thing.

You’ll want to cover just the important bases:

  • internship dates and recommended times to start looking;
  • the tools your students can make use of, including their online Career Center, your office and your team, as well as the dates of important events, like your recruitment fairs;
  • important requirements, for example, if they need to complete their online profiles within a certain timeframe.

Tailor this information to your audience. First-year students don’t necessarily have to complete an internship that year and will be juggling a lot of new information, so try to reassure them as much as you can about the support you can offer, without scaring them with the amount of different tools at their disposal - you can save that for later. For new starters, your goal is simply to make yourself known whilst creating a climate of trust. By asking students to create profiles on their Career Center, you’ll be communicating the following message: sign up now so you know where we are, the rest will come in good time.

For returning students, you don’t need to go over what you can do for them in any great detail. Use the presentation as a booster, so they’ll be starting the year off on the right foot.

Communicate through all channels

Simply sending emails out to students just isn’t enough any longer, especially at the start of the new school year. Strive to use as many different communications channels as possible, including the presentation, as mentioned, emails, of course, but why not think about organising and promoting your first few events at the same time? An after-school mixer for the new term or perhaps a careers event with free food are sure to attract students.

Make sure to put up as many posters as you can in corridors and other high-footfall areas across campus. But try to do some things with an original twist. For example, you could try using an upcoming public event to style your communications, which can be an excellent way of grabbing people’s attention. The University of Luxembourg, for example, recently used the release of the new Star Wars film to publicise one of their events and saw a huge increase in student engagement!

Laurent Billon, Product Manager at JobTeaser, suggests adding events to your department’s online calendar before the start of the new academic year. “It’s better to have events on the calendar that you’ll flesh out later on, rather than having nothing at all. In this way, students can see that you’re active and can already put key dates in their diaries".

Want to know more about how you can make the most of the new school year? We recently organised a webinar on what students are looking for - designed for Career Center by JobTeaser users - that also includes lots of more general tips and tricks! 

To help make a real success of your first few weeks back at school or university, whilst really engaging your students, organise a presentation, ideally making it mandatory, and try to be as original as possible when it comes to promotion. Remember to communicate via all channels, including emails, posters and even events, whilst posting your schedule for the entire year online as early as you can.

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Lexane Sirac
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