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[INTERVIEW] Rachel Hewitt, Director of Policy and Advocacy at HEPI, UK: “Career services today are about engaging the unengaged”

This year, JobTeaser is carrying out a major reflection on the future of recruitment. We are exploring different European viewpoints on the subject to find out more about what recruitment will look like tomorrow. Today, we discover the insights of Rachel Hewitt, Director of Policy and Advocacy at HEPI, the Higher Education Policy Institute, an organisation that works with higher education institutions, government and policymakers. 

Students remain proactive in their job search despite disruption to recruitment

Over 7,000 young people aged 18 to 27, 237 companies, and 175 careers services in higher education across 15 countries responded to JobTeaser’s in-depth survey between the 1st and 8th April 2020, with the findings explored in a detailed report entitled, ‘Employment, Recruitment, and the Realities of COVID-19: Are young people weathering the crisis?’.

Daniella Lindskog
Thursday, 14th of May
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How to adapt your processes when recruiting candidates online

The COVID-19 epidemic has significantly changed the way most of our partner companies recruit. As a result, many have been in touch for advice on their methods. Should recruitment continue? Can the process be moved online? How can delays be communicated?

Daniella Lindskog
Friday April 4th
3 Reasons Why Employer Branding is Critical in the Current Crisis

Whether your recruitments have been frozen or are unaffected by the current crisis, it’s important for your employer branding to remain consistent. Changes to your current recruitment campaigns might have minimal long-term effects for your company, however, employer branding is a long-term investment that requires a long-term commitment. Staying in the minds of your future top talent is essential to futureproofing your talent pool.

Daniella Lindskog
April Thursday 9th
How can companies support the next generation and help them thrive in an uncertain future?

Only one in five Millennials believe they have all the skills and knowledge they’ll need for the future of work (Deloitte, Millennial Survey, 2019). What role can companies and institutions play to support them in a time of unprecedented change?

Noémie Baudouin
7 Janvier 2020
 8 HR books you need to read (or buy as a present!) this festive season

At JobTeaser, we’ve got your back. We’ve put together a list of 8 fantastic books on human resources that we think make fantastic festive purchases – whether it be for yourself or someone else in your life!

Camille Moreau
November 25, 2019
5 HR trends to watch in 2020

Jérémy Lamri, Research & Innovation Director at JobTeaser, reviews the 5 top trends to look out for in 2020 within HR departments in companies.

Jérémy Lamri
November 18, 2019
HR & Employer Branding KPIs: what will your dashboard look like in 2020?

In recent years, the jobs market has seen strong competition forcing companies to reinvent their recruitment and retention strategies. Indeed, say they’re having trouble recruiting the people they need. To respond to these challenges, HR departments have to adapt and come up with new ways of attracting talent. But in order to measure the relevance and effectiveness of any recently adopted strategies, HR dashboards are having to evolve too. Let’s take a look at some HR indicators (KPIs) to watch in 2020.

Laure Girardot
November 4, 2019
What do hiring managers look for in a resume? Insights from real-world recruiters

We invited hiring managers from two companies we work with to answer the most pressing resume-related questions.

Camille Moreau
October 28, 2019
Blending Work Experience & Academic Learning to Navigate the Job Market [Part 3]

This article is the third and last in a series based on a keynote speech by Andreas Schleicher, Director for Education and Skills at the OECD, at JobTeaser’s 2019 Career Services Day.In case you missed them, do read Part 1 and Part 2.

Bojana Jankova
September 23, 2019
The 3 Skills at the Heart of the New Generation’ Success [Part 2]

In this article, we uncover the three skills young people will need to successfully navigate the complex world we live in.

Bojana Jankova
September 12, 2019
JobTeaser raises 50 million euros to revolutionise careers support  

We're choosing to invest in R&D, to help us respond better to emerging trends in the world of work and to the needs of today’s generation. 

Adrien Ledoux
September 11, 2019

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