July 10, 2018

3 types of employer branding initiatives for young talent

Are the good old days of employer branding through career fairs and blogs over? No, they aren’t, but you shouldn’t only rely on these assets anymore. The new generation comes with its new needs: transparency, spontaneousness, and purpose. Here are three new employer branding content types that will appeal to Generation Z.

Engaging generation Z through Snapchat and Instagram

Social media is a key topic for employers. Our original research has found that many students and recent graduates use personal social networks to find information about a company’s culture before applying. Social media has taken the priority over owned platforms like blogs and career websites: make the most of it by being as active as possible.

At JobTeaser, Instagram is our go-to network; it is highly engaging, and we use it alongside Snapchat, which is typically used by people in the younger age range. On Instagram and Snapchat, very visual content is highlighted: pictures and videos are a staple, and you should use them liberally, for example with a daily “Story” on Instagram.

Here’s a list of 8 things you can share on Snapchat and Instagram:

  • Employee interviews: one question, one answer, a video under 15 seconds
  • Photos and videos of your teams and departments, to showcase your work culture
  • Pictures of your offices, an important criteria of choice for the new generation
  • Portraits of individual employees, telling their background and why they are happy to work there
  • Pictures of internal events, like team breakfasts and nights out
  • Perks: pictures of people playing video games in your common room, for example
  • Pictures and videos of your office’s neighbourhood

With live video, appeal to a generation that craves authenticity

We will never stress it enough: generation Z needs authenticity and transparency. What better way to fulfil this need than by using live video as much as possible?

We’ve already extensively talked about how to appeal to young prospective candidates by using live video in HR. The reason why it’s so efficient is that you can’t fake your way through live video: you answer questions from young talents, directly and without having the time to craft a perfect answer. Of course, you will spend the right amount of time preparing for the live video and for all kinds of queries that could come up, but there is still an element of truthfulness that staged video and speeches can’t have. This is how you can make a difference.

You can choose to host a live video on your own platforms or turn to social media (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, namely) for better shareability. You can also turn to your employer branding or multiposting partners, who may offer to host your video and to help you with the whole process.

Organise meetups to attract people for specific jobs

Gathering a lot of young talents in one place, where your recruiters are also present, is a great idea. It mostly works if everyone in the room has shared professional interests. The main reason why companies organise meetups is to source young talents in IT.

Your recruiters and HR professionals should not be the only people there. Send people who hold the jobs for which you are hiring, as well as managers, so that young talents get a feel of what to expect and are able to relate to their future team.

You can make the difference by inviting people to an event that gives them real-life tips from experts in a field where applicants are scarce and your demand is high. If you want to distribute costs, you can turn the meetups into inter-companies events of a larger scale, that several recruiting teams can attend and with a number of activities.

To attract young talents to your company, use social media, especially Instagram and Snapchat, live video, and organise meetups. It’s all about the spontaneity of your events and posts!

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Lexane Sirac
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