September 23, 2021

Vincent Rinner, Senior Talent Advisor EMEA, Oracle: “JobTeaser's strengths: its network of schools and its international development”

How do you go about contacting students and recent graduates directly in schools, and conducting effective campaigns for placements? We spoke to Vincent, Graduate Recruiter EMEA at the Oracle Group, a software company, to find out more about his use of JobTeaser.

A few words about Oracle 

Like many companies, 2020 is a year of transition and adaptation for Oracle, which is continuing its placement campaign with the challenge of welcoming and growing its pool of talented newcomers, through entirely virtual means. 

""JobTeaser is useful for placements campaigns because of its network of schools: all the business schools that interest us are on the platform.""

“It is important this year to keep in touch with schools, students and recent graduates”, says Vincent. “The attachment to the brand is more tangible when our newcomers come on site. They can discover an environment rich in exchanges, through the Fab Lab, the start-ups incubated with us, and enjoy an experience in a lifestyle space, equipped with a gym and a staff refectory. Remotely, it can be difficult to network and meet as many people as you would on site. The challenge is really to make sure we keep the motivation up throughout the year”. 

Oracle and JobTeaser 

Vincent uses the JobTeaser platform both to post articles about developments within Oracle and also to post job adverts for placement campaigns at business schools. Many professions are represented: sales, marketing, HR, communication. 

""The simplicity with which students apply on JobTeaser, and the ease with which recruiters can screen applications, save a lot of time.""

“JobTeaser is useful for placement campaigns because of its network of schools: all the business schools that interest us are on the platform. Beyond the network of schools, its international development is interesting for offering several types of profiles, particularly for internships. The simplicity with which students apply, and the ease with which the recruiter can screen applications, saves a lot of time, especially as we receive large volumes of applications – 3,000 applications in a few months for the placement”.

The challenges ahead

This year is marked by the need to adapt quickly to new virtual formats. “Everyone will be watching to see how the competitors cope and adapt to the security regulations”, observes Vincent.

Vincent identifies three recruitment challenges for Oracle as a result of having to move to virtual formats. 

“The first is connecting with students and recent graduates, and moving to fully virtual events. To do this, we favour hackathons, and in September we held one with two business schools. It is a good way to engage with partner schools and students. This allows the Oracle facilitators to explain their job, finding creative solutions with the students. Everyone gets to know each other and you can really identify future nuggets, as many skills are highlighted (creativity, leadership, ability to work in a team)”.

""What is difficult is to recreate the informal moments of dialogue that we can have at physical fairs."

“Then, participating in round tables will also be key for presenting Oracle but also for explaining how we are leading the digital transformation of companies”.

“Finally, we need to ensure that we participate in the many virtual recruitment forums to highlight our job vacancies, which saves us time in identifying the right candidates. What is difficult is to recreate the informal moments of dialogue that we can have at physical fairs: these moments allow us to talk to students who then keep us in mind for a future experience in their career path”.

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Noémie Baudouin
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