September 7, 2021

Ysé de Saint Laurent, Head of Talent Acquisition at papernest: “Students should no longer hesitate to contact recruiters on social networks”

Papernest in a few words 

Papernest, a fast-growing start-up, wants to create the best possible platform to enable everyone to manage their housing contracts and subscriptions intelligently and simply. A single space for centralising, subscribing to and cancelling all your subscriptions, for obtaining clear information, for choosing the best offers in a few clicks, and for saving time and money.

The specific circumstances of 2020 have led to changes in recruitment practices within papernest. Ysé de Saint Laurent, Recruitment Manager, explains: “During the first lockdown, we slowed down recruitment a little – not even for two months – for operational positions, but continued recruitment for strategic positions, particularly tech profiles, which are in high demand”. 

"We have trained our recruiters to provide detailed and constructive feedback during the recruitment process: young talents appreciate this feedback very much"

Ysé de Saint Laurent

An important outcome of the health crisis has been the enrichment of exchanges with candidates, and a growing demand for constructive feedback: “we have digitalised the entire recruitment process. This has had the effect of giving more structure to our recruitment, but also of developing more informal exchanges between our employees and candidates. We adopt a supportive stance for young professionals, encouraging them to talk on LinkedIn. We also take a lot of time to detail this feedback, both positive and negative. Carrying out full debriefs makes a real difference to the relationship between HR and the candidate. We have trained our recruiters to provide detailed and constructive feedback, especially if the candidate is given a rejection. Our business is in B2C, so our candidate can also be a customer”.

"JobTeaser allows us to continue to keep this valuable contact with all schools on a large scale"

Ysé de Saint Laurent
Papernest and JobTeaser

“The advantage of having JobTeaser is that you can keep in touch with all the schools in a context where the employer brand has been reinvented. A large part of our actions took the form of physical events in schools and universities, or collective recruitment sessions at our premises. It is no longer possible to organise them this year. JobTeaser allows us to continue to maintain this valuable contact with all schools, through multiposting of our offers and the regular publication of news on our company page. This way we are sure to maintain a more direct link with students, being sure to reach them on a large scale”. 

Ysé explains why students and recent graduates are increasingly keen to interact with companies: “The questions focus mainly on the company culture, i.e. the good intentions of management, the team-based learning it provides and the working atmosphere in its offices. Recent graduates are looking for a certain level of challenge, while being accompanied by managers who can train them continuously. They are therefore particularly sensitive to the environment and the work setting offered. 

"Young graduates and students should not hesitate to contact recruiters: mutual help is needed in the current period"

Ysé de Saint Laurent
Papernest's challenges in 2021

Many recruitment projects are planned for Papernest, which is planning a communication campaign on the subject: “We are moving to new offices in Barcelona this summer to support our growth. We have very ambitious recruitment targets, and aim to welcome 500 new recruits in 2021, 20% of which are to be interns. These new offices represent a fulfilling environment for our resources, and we often welcome International Graduate Business Placements. This is why we are going to launch an ambitious communication campaign (videos, photos, job interviews) to increase our visibility."

Ysé's advice to students and recent graduates

At the end of the day, in a changing economic context, Ysé is convinced that recent graduates and students should not hesitate to contact recruiters, especially on social networks. "The advice I would give is 'don't give up, don't be afraid to get in touch with different recruitment professionals'. Even if it is not the ideal time to look for an internship, you should not hesitate to use social networks like LinkedIn to look for answers to your questions. There is a need to help each other in these times, and many recruiters are willing to provide guidance or advice about searching for jobs. Be curious!"

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Noémie Baudouin
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