Our commitment to protect and safeguard your students’ data

With JobTeaser, your Career Center is GDPR compliant

Clear purpose

Our general terms and conditions of use and our privacy policy explicitly state the reasons behind any data we hold at JobTeaser. We use data to help students and recent graduates enter the professional world and facilitate their recruitment, which is our overall mission.

Collecting relevant data

Given the aim of the Career Center is to improve the way in which students and recent graduates enter the professional world, we only hold information relevant to this goal, including first names, surnames and educational backgrounds, but also years of graduation, programmes studied, etc. We offer students the option to enter additional information that could be useful to recruiters, such as a link to their LinkedIn profile, but this is never mandatory.

Limiting the amount of stored data

We apply this limit to both time, for example, by deleting inactive profiles, and place. JobTeaser stores all its data within the European Union, where the regulations apply.

Keeping data safe

We’ve created different types of accounts for school and university administrators so that we can ensure only those who need the information have access to it. We also ensure that good practices are understood and applied internally. We’ve introduced an Information Systems Security Policy for all our employees, along with strict confidentiality agreements.

Respecting everyone’s rights

We have to obtain students’ consent to use their data. Content always belongs to the students themselves, or the person who posted it, and we only allow content to be distributed with their express permission.

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