Improve your reach and drive more engagement amongst students and recent graduates

Strengthen your employer branding and go paperless with your school correspondence


Enhance your business with your JobTeaser company profile

Centralise all your information on a single company page, visible on over 700 Intranet sites

  • Introduce your business, your company culture and your teams in images and videos
  • Add context to the positions you’re recruiting for
  • Post your recruitment news live to schools and universities

Let everyone know about your recruitment events on school and university Intranet sites

Unrivalled visibility for all your events

  • Target your events within the schools and universities of your choice
  • Tell everyone about your recruitment highlights
  • Measure your impact using accurate statistics

Share your latest company and careers news with videos

Get help from our dedicated video team:

  • Benefit from our expertise in creating videos that speak to your target students and recent graduates
  • Ready-to-post videos with comprehensive project management support

Speak with students and recent graduates over live chats

Talk live with your target candidates and build relationships

  • Live Messenger: log in from your office and respond in writing in real time to questions from students and recent graduates
  • Live video: come into our studio where you can chat live and on video with your target applicants
  • 1. Dialogue

    2. Transparency

    3. Sourcing

You’re in good company

More than 80,000 companies recruit with JobTeaser

“JobTeaser helps us highlight our employer branding by sharing it with students in our targeted universities, directly on their intranet. This way, our future employees will be able to understand if our ecosystem is the right one for them... and their onboarding is much easier.”


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